Why it is better to have dark color salon towels

Salon towels are available in variation of colors. However, dark color towels are most favorable. This is because dark towels come in handy in such an environment, due to the fact that towels need to be replaced after each and every use.

Black Color Salon Towels last longer before they could portray any stain. Another great factor about dark colors is that, they are considered to be elegant is such commercial places. That is why black salon towels are normally used in restaurants, motels and even in world class salons, as they hide stain.

If you are running a salon and you need to save extra cost on hair salon towels, then you need to start using colors like navy blue,burgundy,black,eggplant, charcoal grey & hunter green colors, Dark colors not only hide the stain but do not require as much bleaching. You can use other washing detergents and still do a quality job in cleaning your dark towels.

Salon towels need to be extra clean, because they are normally placed around the neck and the shoulders of your clients. If your towel has a bad odor, It might create a very bad impression and it might cost you by losing a client. How you treat your customers matter a lot and so does the kind of towels that you use. That is why most professionals rely of dark towels.

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