What to look for your Luxury Spa Towel

When shopping for new towels for your customers, you will be faced with a dilemma of choosing the best ones due to being overwhelmed by the rich options available. Luxury towels are not just meant to wipe your customers dry but also play a huge role in adding to the theme of your business venture. It is not always easy to choose the perfect towel when you go out shopping for them. Below are some useful tips that have been compiled to assist you on what to look for your luxury spa towel:

Desired Fabric
This should be the first thing you consider when looking to get the perfect luxury towels for your customers. There are quite huge and wealthy options available and therefore you should be certain of what you want in the towels. According to many towel experts, the best towels are those that are made from 100% Egyptian cotton. This fabric is famed for its staple that is extra long and its fibrous threads are highly absorbent. This results in a thick and quite thirsty towel which feels great on the skin.

There are other great fabrics that you could choose like the lush terry cloth towels that are also luxurious and comfortable. There is also the Supima cotton that is closely similar to the Egyptian cotton due to its excellent absorption rate and extra long staple. This cotton is the American-grown version of the Egyptian cotton that offers a luxurious look as well as feel. There are fabrics that albeit being little known are slowly and steadily gaining popularity in the market. These are often blends of cotton and bamboo fibers. They are naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, highly sustainable and luxuriously soft.

It is indeed advisable to consider the weight of the towel when going out to buy them. Towel weight is usually measured by GSM (grams per square meter). The low GSM towels (300-400) are often thin and light whereas the high GSM towels (450-600) are heavier and thicker. It would be important to note that the higher the GSM of a towel, the more luxurious and more absorbent it will be. However, the low GSM towels are more preferable in a gym or kitchen as their lightness will allow them to dry quickly than the heavier towels.

You should also consider the style of the towels you intend to buy. The purpose for which you would be buying the towels for would largely inform the style of the towel you would be going for in the end. Patterned towels as well as brightly colored towels usually make a great way of incorporating a whimsy touch to the bathroom. Neutral colored towels on the other hand that come in soothing colors are often the perfect colors when you would be looking at making a sophisticated spa-atmosphere.

The type of luxurious towel that you go for should not be an afterthought but rather you should take your time to find the best and most luxurious towel of a higher quality. The towels you buy for your business will be able to complement your business décor while offering luxury, comfort and durability. You will be able to land these towels if you only take your time to consider the above useful tips on what to look for your luxury spa towel. Click here for our selection

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