Top 4 Tips for Choosing the Best Hotel/Motel Towels

Simply put, there’s practically nothing like a supple and fluffy towel to hug your body after a warm, bone-caressing bath. As such, you just cannot afford to pick whichever towel you come across out there and take it to your motel or hotel. Since prospective guests usually target accommodation facilities that have the best of these all-too-important pieces of fabric, read on to discover how to select the most suitable hotel motel towels.  

1. Towel Size and Weight: The weight of towels is usually measured in terms of GSM – grams per square meter – i.e. fabric density. Lower GSM means a lighter, thinner, and often less expensive towel while higher fabric density makes it more durable and expensive. High fabric density towels are of a superior quality, and are thus ideal for top-rated world-class hotels and motels. 2. Absorbency:

2. The absorbency of the towel you choose is also a fundamental consideration. In order to make sure that your guests can wipe themselves completely dry once they step out of the shower, select thick and feather-soft towels with the best absorbency.

3. How Fast the Towel Dries: Generally, thinner types dry faster and are therefore quite easy to air-dry. Oppositely, thicker and more plush varieties normally take more time to fully dry. As such, if your hotel or motel is located in a humid neighborhood, you should know that thicker brands will stay wet for a longer time, if left to air-dry.

4. How Much Lint It Gives off in Laundry: Freshly bought hotel/motel towels, regardless of their quality, may shed a great deal. This explains why most towels get linty after some time. Remember that cotton is an organic fiber that will unavoidably shed when over-used or over-dried in the dryer. Due to this shedding that occurs with newly acquired hotel/motel towels, it’s advisable to go for varieties that don’t give off much lint.

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