Fitted Sheets Queen: Purpose, Plan and Price

Fitted sheets for queen size beds are used for the same purpose any sheet would be: to protect your mattress and to make the surface smoother so you can sleep on it. The main difference between normal bed linen and fitted sheets are that fitted sheets are made with elastics so they stay on better and are more secure. For that reason, they are often the most popular choice over unfitted sheets, especially for queen beds.
Putting on fitted sheets for a queen bed can be a difficult task however due to the size of the bed. The easiest way to do it is to have one person pull the corners of the sheet on to the corners of the bed on one side and someone else to do the other two corners, and then to smooth it out. Otherwise the corners will end up being pulled off when you stretch the sheet over the bed.

Fitted sheets are more expensive than normal sheets due to their increased convenience and their elastic nature. Once again, queen sized fitted sheets are also more expensive than fitted sheets for smaller beds due to the increased size. However, the investment is well worth it as a fitted sheet makes for a comfier and more secure night’s sleep in your queen bed.

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