What Allows Spa and Resort Towels to be Fluffy and Soft?

The best part of any Spa and Resort experience are their clean, fresh, and fluffy towels. There is nothing better than picking up a towel that is strong, fluffy, and super absorbent. These Resort and Spa Towels really offer it all, and look beautiful while offering excellent service. So when you do reach home, you find your home towels to be rough, and stiff.

There is no doubt that towels are the hardest working item at any spa, resort, and even your home. As towels are used for cleaning spills, at the beach, and to help us dry. However, despite their importance in our lives, we tend to treat them with little or no respect. We wash them as we like, and do not spend a second to care for them, still we wonder why spa and resort towels are much fluffier and softer. If you have wondered why spa and resort towels are better that towels at home, even when they are probably bought from a wholesale resort towels website; and how they maintain their softness and fluffiness despite being washed so many times.

The Secret Behind the Freshness of Resort and Spa Towels

The truth is, there is no huge secret behind why spa and resort towels are so fresh. These wholesale resort towels are the same quality you find at most bed and bath stores, and the reason they are able to maintain freshness is because the towels are cared for. The use the same detergent most of you do, as normal detergents contain less pH levels, which allows the soft fibers to live. In comparison to detergents with high pH levels, that just strip away all soft fibers. Here is a quick guide to help you keep your home towels fresh and soft.


  • Wash – when you get a new towel the first thing you should do is wash them. Many towels are covered with chemicals to help give them a glossy look, so you would want to wash them before you use them.
  • Regular Wash – a towel absorbs much more than just water, such as, dead skin cells, and even soap scum. Resorts and Spa towels are washed regularly, but you should maintain a similar routine at home.
  • Wash Alone – you might already know this, but towels are meant to be washed alone, and wash white towels separately. Towels need a longer and hotter cycle to wash properly, so washing them alone will be ideal.
  • No Softeners – no matter what they offer, we suggest you skip on adding fabric softeners. As with time they build up a waxy layer, and damage your towel absorbency.
  • Some Shaking – when you take them out of the wash give them a good shake, it will help keep them fluffy and lint free.
  • Completely Dry – it is highly important to ensure that your towel is completely dry when you take them out of the dryer. Even if they are a little damp they will house a wet towel smell. However, you should avoid over drying them as the heat breaks down fibers that help maintain the softness and the fluffiness.

These few simple and easy to remember tips will allow you to ensure that your towels are as fluffy, soft, and fresh; as spa and resort towels.

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